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ALJ Tournament Maker 2.1

Manage and run all your tournaments with this program
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Tournament Maker is a program that lets you manage and run your own tournament. This application gives you the solution of creating and seeding players in your tournament. You will no longer need paper brackets or have to deal with the problem of players entering late in the tournament. This program can be used for video game tournaments as well as any other type of games, especially the NCAA type.

It will be easy for you to run any tournament which requires single or double elimination rounds. The program has the ability to create and run 4 to 256 player brackets from the beginning to end. All the participants in the tournament are efficiently stored and handled by the Tournament Maker. You can tune the game list to your preference and create any filtering elements in it. You will be able to rank players according to their skill level or location. You can have different colors for the various brackets, as per your preference.

With this program, you can create different types of templates for different games. The entry fees and prizes can be managed very easily by you with this program.

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  • Match placement is done automatically, using six seeding methods


  • Types of tournaments are still limited
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